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The video cases aim to harvest the precious practical knowledge and wisdom of NGO leaders to benefit a younger generation of leaders for better succession. Interviews with the senior, experienced and entrepreneurial NGO leaders, their peers and service targets were captured.

The video cases are produced in line with the NGO CEO Competency Model. They serve as one of the means for viewers to better understand the 12 core competencies of the 4 competency clusters, namely Personal Competency, Operation Savvy, Development Consciousness and Multi-stakeholder Acumen.
Pragmatic and Rebellious Leadership
Case: Pragmatic and Rebellious Leadership
Sharing Guest: Mr Ng Shui-lai, BBS, JP
30-Year Persistence on Advocacy
Case: 30-Year Persistence on Advocacy
Sharing Guest: Mrs Priscilla Lui Tsang Sun-kai, BBS
Boundary Spanning
Case: Boundary Spanning
Sharing Guest: Ms Christine Fang Meng-sang, BBS, JP
Parallel Development
Case: Parallel Development
Sharing Guest: Mrs Justina Leung Ngai Mou-yin, JP
Gene of Innovation?
Case: Gene of Innovation?
Sharing Guest: Mr Michael Lai Kam-cheung, BBS, MH, JP
Total 5 cases